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COVID-19 Response


The pandemic hit an impoverished Asian community with more impact than in wealthier countries.  Many impacted were daily wage earners, that were living on one day’s wages with no savings.  When they lost their jobs, many were stranded far from home. 


Alpha Ministries became aware of the need early and our frontline messengers went into action providing help, even before help arrived to them.  Many frontline messengers in Asia live in homes that lack sufficient protection against the COVID-19.  Yet they still ministered and served the neediest people they met.


With the provision of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Alpha Ministries attempted to reduce the impact of this virus.  Supplies that would serve an entire fellowship was an expense of $80.  We gave the suffering a relief kit to meet the needs of a family for at least 2 months for just $50.  These much-appreciated supplies were of high quality and some even said that the rice was the best they had ever eaten.  The need continues and we will serve until the pandemic is no longer impacting lives.

The INVESTMENT: $ 50 or $ 80