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Corporate Matching

Corporate matching gifts increase the value of your gift with no extra cost to you! Many companies encourage their employees to support their alma maters by matching their gifts. Some match dollar for dollar, while others will donate up to three times your original donation! Numerous companies also match donations from spouses, retirees and board members. Some will even match the value of volunteer hours and non-cash donations. Please ask your employer for a matching gift form and send the completed form to us by June 30 to make your gift go further. Schedule a reminder to do this again next year in advance of your company’s deadline for matching gift designations.

Learn how it works and see whether your employers will double the impact of the donations you’ve already made!

Talk to your human resources department and ask if they match gifts. If not, ask if they are willing to start a matching gift program.

Check the program guidelines to see if Alpha Ministries is eligible to receive a matching gift from your employer. While some employers don’t match gifts to religious organizations, they will match gifts to Alpha Ministries’ children, educational and medical mission ministries.

Request the forms from your HR department and complete the form and send it to the Alpha Ministries office: Alpha Ministries P.O. Box 444, Madison Heights, VA. 24572-0444 Your employer will send the matching donation directly to Alpha Ministries. Your matched investment will reap many times the benefits in the Lord’s kingdom! We are grateful for your kind partnership in the effort to reach the world.

Alpha Ministries would like to thank our donors and their employers, here are just few of the companies that have matched gifts to us:

Bank of America
J P Morgan Chase
Home Depot
Stanley Black & Decker