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Request a speaker

If you would like to invite a member of Alpha Ministries team to speak at your event, please fill out this form. Alpha Ministries speakers are here to inspire, inform and connect your audience with miraculous stories from the frontline. We welcome the opportunity to share at your church, school, universities, conferences, fundraising events, and large-scale venues nationwide event. We consider it an honor to partner with like-minded believers to finish the task of reaching the unreached and unengaged people groups.

Your group will hear about exciting developments in modern missions, fast-growing church planting movements taking place across Asia, and inspiring stories of how Jesus is transforming lives. When you submit your guest speaker request, we send an email to our guest speaker roster to see who is available to speak at your church on the date(s) you’ve requested. It may take one to two weeks to receive a final answer, and not all requests can be accommodated. One of our staff members will contact you upon receiving confirmation of speaker availability.

Now you’r ready to go ahead and tell us what you have in mind! We can’t wait to hear from you. Filling the form helps us to get to do a better idea of what you have in mind so that we can pray and plan with you.