A “Great Awakening”

Ask of Me, and I will give You
The nations for Your inheritance,
And the ends of the earth for Your possession.
Psalm 2:8

Do you ever come upon circumstances that don’t seem to change no matter how much you pray? Don’t give up. Press in to God, hear Him, obey Him, and have faith in His answer.

Majeet had spent the majority of her life battling chronic illness. Beginning in childhood and continuing on throughout her adult life as a wife and mother, she remained plagued by sickness and was unable to find healing and relief. After meeting with many specialists from several different hospitals in South Asia, the sickness that ravaged Majeet’s body seemed to have no cure. Her circumstances appeared to be bleak and hopeless.

In Majeet’s community, there was a woman named Geeta who lived her life as a devout follower of Jesus. After learning of Majeet’s difficult situation, she asked if she could pray over her for God to heal her body. Majeet, having exhausted all other resources, agreed to be prayed over by her neighbor. Miraculously, as soon as the prayer was spoken, Majeet was healed and felt well for the first time in many years. As a result of that divine intervention and with a sincere heart of gratitude, she accepted the Lord Jesus as her Savior and began to regularly attend Church with Geeta.

Unfortunately, as is often the case for many individuals who become Christians in areas hostile to the Gospel, Majeet’s husband, Labh, began to adamantly oppose her new found faith, and started threatening her as a means to quench her new enthusiasm for her beliefs. He forbade her to continue attending church and made sure she had little to no opportunity to fellowship with other believers or to worship corporately.

As a trucker, Labh worked long and difficult hours to provide for the family and would often have to leave for days at a time when traveling lengthy distances. The trips became opportunities for Majeet to return to church and continue learning about Jesus and how to grow as a new believer. As time went by and as Majeet continued to mature in her faith, she became more and more concerned for the spiritual well-being of her husband. She began praying earnestly for his salvation and even started incorporating fasting into her life to address the great burden she felt for Labh.

Year went by and Majeet stayed faithful in prayer and fasting, yet it seemed to be have no effect on Labh’s opinion of his wife’s faith. Then one night, as Labh slept on a cot outside of their home, he was awakened by the spirit of a dead woman tormenting him. Horrified, he began screaming and crying out for help. Majeet, startled by the sound, ran outside and began praying for her husband in the name of Jesus. In that moment, as quickly as the terrifying encounter began, the dark spirit left him.

The very next day, Labh became a follower of Jesus Christ. He started going to church with Majeet and became adamant about growing in his newfound faith!

Never give up praying for your loved ones!

God hears your prayers and is at work on their behalf. Our Father continues to open hearts and open doors for us to expand our reach with the power of the Gospel. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support that makes this ongoing work possible!

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