… And The Deaf Will Hear

… And The Deaf Will Hear


TODAY we ask that you take a moment and pause to reflect on something that has been actively weighing on the hearts of all of us here at Alpha Ministries. Throughout the years of countless ministry opportunities and specific initiatives that aim to serve and relieve the suffering of vulnerable people around the world, we still find ourselves heartbroken when encountering new stories of those in need. Today, we are privileged to share with you the work we have in place to serve a uniquely challenged group of people who face profound hardships while also informing you of how you can get involved in helping them.  Whether you are reading this on your lunch break at work, at home with your morning cup of coffee, or simply had a friend send you the link for this article, we’re glad you’ve found yourself here at our blog and hope that you leave encouraged, inspired, and motivated to serve others.


Their Plight

IN South Asia, the efforts put forth by Christians on spreading the Gospel have been met with unmatched resistance, persecution, hostility, and systematic oppression. For men, women, and children living in this part of the world, the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ is extremely limited and unfortunately for many, never comes. When the rare opportunity does arise for an unknowing unbeliever to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the very first time, they are often overjoyed to hear the sweet words of truth that their souls have always longed for. However, for those who lack the ability to physically hear, the chance to know this truth for themselves is often lost. The deaf men and women of South Asia have often gone unnoticed, underserved, and cast aside even by those who mean to evangelize in their communities. Without the ability to properly communicate with those who come bearing the good news, many are unable to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts. While this news is heartbreaking and seems far beyond bleak, their Heavenly Father sees their need and has been faithful in coming alongside of them.


Their Value

IN Scripture, we see exactly how God views those who society has cast aside or deemed defective, broken, or burdensome. Throughout many recorded accounts of Jesus’s earthly ministry, we see that He took the time to acknowledge, help, and revive the lowly spirits of the men and women whose communities had long forgotten them. Whether Jesus was healing leapers, raising the dead, empowering women caught in sin, or befriending tax collectors, it was apparent that His heart was always fixed on the broken and needy.


While the suffering of people has remained well in tact in our world today, we find comfort and peace knowing that God will one day make all things right. For those around the world suffering through deafness, we know that for those who give their hearts to Christ, eternal hope of salvation and complete restoration is available to them. In the book of Isaiah chapter 35, it is written, “… the eyes of the blind will be opened and the ears of the deaf will be unstopped.” We at Alpha Ministries hold this passage of Scripture close to our hearts and let it inspire us when serving the secular deaf community around the world.


The Solution

AT Alpha Ministries, we refuse to sit idly by as the deaf unbelievers of South Asia crave and go without the eternally satisfying truth of Jesus Christ. For this reason, we have implemented a significant ministry program specifically developed to minister to those who lack the ability to hear. Through videos of evangelists physically signing out the Gospel message along with countless other passages of scripture, we have seen a remarkable work done on behalf of the deaf in South Asia and are seeing many come to know Christ through this initiative. As we continue to send our Frontline Messengers into this particularly unreached and needy part of the world, we are now doing so more effectively by being able to minister to those who lack the ability to hear as well. With Christ as our example in all things, our organization is striving to love this particularly vulnerable group of people who are learning about the incredible way Christ cares for them. Won’t you join us? For more information on how to be a part of our ministry caring for the deaf community of South Asia, visit alphaministries.com

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