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The M.A.P.S Fund


As we live and minister in many restricted and hostile nations, we receive requests from believers who are ostracized and stripped of everything they own. Sadly, our brothers and sisters that follow Jesus suffer the same persecution and hatred that Jesus suffered.  We are called to stand with them as they face persecution.  When Moses could not hold his hands up any longer, Aaron and Hur helped him by supporting his hands. 


Through Mission Assisting Persecuted Saints (M.A.P.S.) you can provide help and hope to persecuted believers living in the shadow of varying levels of discrimination, hostility, violence, arrest, and death for their faith in Jesus Christ.  Believers in restricted and hostile nations pay a heavy price for their faith daily.   Many of us may never know what it is like to lose everything for the sake of the Gospel, but there are millions who do. Every day, they are persecuted solely for their faith in Jesus Christ.  M.A.P.S is about serving God and helping the body of Christ in need on the frontline. 


M.A.P.S. is an Alpha Ministries program dedicated to caring for persecuted believers living in restricted and hostile nations who are at risk of severe consequences.  They need our assistance with legal and court fees, support for their families when they are imprisoned, and help to relocate them to a safe location. 

Your contribution to Alpha Ministries M.A.P.S comes to the aid of persecuted believers exactly when they need it most. When they are arrested, beaten, and isolated with no guaranteed right to a legal defense, Alpha Ministries is there.  The increasing risk of attack makes it critical to budget toward funds for legal fees, support for families during imprisonment, medical expenses for injuries suffered in confrontations, and relocation expenses to safe areas.  Providing a Safe home serves as a tangible expression of God’s unfailing love amid uncertainties. Depending on the location Alpha Ministries can construct a simple 500 square foot home.

The INVESTMENT: $7,000