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The Blessing of Livestock


In India, livestock provides a livelihood to two-thirds of people in the rural community. Livestock provides meat, milk, fibers, and skins, pulling power for agricultural equipment and farming, vital fertilizer, and more.  Goats, buffalo, pigs, and chickens all play a critically important role in helping the poor create sustainability.  But many of the poorest families Alpha Ministries is working to help cannot afford the livestock that will change their lives for the better.


Providing a family with livestock is simple and easy. Once funds are provided, the family can purchase the livestock they need locally and immediately begin to reap the benefits.


Providing livestock to rural families helps provide self-dependency, security, and income. Animals are a tremendous blessing for many people living in rural areas in Asia. It gives families and communities the power to improve their own lives. These animals provide sustenance to the families and provide income through the sale of meat, milk, and offspring. A pair of goats produces at least two kids each year.  Each goat can be purchased for $ 250.  For a water buffalo, an investment of $ 900 is needed.

The INVESTMENT: $ 250 to $ 900