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Frontline Messengers



People in Asia and Africa are impoverished, but our workers dedicate themselves to full-time service to our Lord, trusting Him to provide their needs.  Unfortunately, they often have no outside source of income or property of their own.  The churches in these areas have few resources and can provide little in the way of tithes and offerings.


Our desire is to help strengthen the hands of these pioneer frontline messengers with a small amount of support every month. Our budget lists 1400 pastors on the front lines, many of whom are in these remote areas working among unreached people groups.


Frontline Messengers are incredibly effective when they have the support they need. They do not require language or cultural immersion training. They do not need visas to travel to hostile regions. Native workers share the common language, dress, food preferences, and culture with those to whom they minister.  A monthly gift of $100 will keep a full-time frontline messenger working in the harvest field of Christ. Each frontline worker has the goal to plant at least one new church in the coming year.

The INVESTMENT:  $100 per Messenger per year