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Aware Ministry

The Need
In many of the areas where Alpha Ministries ministers, widows are regarded as cursed for simply having outlived their husbands. In these cultures, even their own family will not take in a widow, as it is believed that would bring the widow’s bad luck into the family’s house, which would result in another family member’s death. Therefore, the widow is left destitute and without hope.

The Solution
Alpha Ministries has responded to their plight by starting the AWARE Ministry. AWARE stands for Assisting Widows And Reaching the Elderly. A local church will adopt widows and elderly people who are destitute and without the basic needs of life. Through donations from sponsors, we support widows by giving them food, shelter, clothing and medical assistance.
The Impact
Greater needs are also addressed when these people are “adopted” by the local Alpha Bible Church. Through visits, Alpha church leaders are able to asses the spiritual condition of the windows and elderly people. The women are visited on a regular basis and if they are saved, the church will provide precious fellowship and encouragement.
If they are without Christ, the church will pray for them and present Christ through words and through example so that they too may be saved.
Our goal is to even pair a widow in India with a widow elsewhere in the world.
The Cost: $15