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Amplifying The Gospel


The Need

Religious fanatics have a strong influence over local authorities, often urging them to cut off electrical power to areas where Christians are living. In addition,  refuse to rent equipment to Christians because of their suspicion of conversion. The price of these systems makes them beyond the reach of frontline messengers.

The Solution

The purchase of 700 rechargeable, battery-operated PA systems would be a tremendous help in villages where front-line church workers have organized house prayer meetings. These systems also have the ability to connect to projectors. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of these systems is that they can still function when the electrical power is unreliable, cut off, or unavailable.

The Impact

Each PA has the potential to reach 100-200 people per sound system through a showing of the Jesus Film or through organized home prayer meetings in the villages.

Amplifying The Gospel: The Cost $120