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A Bathroom for Every Family


We take them for granted in the West, but for the poor in India, a toilet is a luxury.  The impoverished Indians Alpha Ministries are reaching are often stuck using unsanitary outdoor toilets.  In the slum areas on the outskirts of major cities, families are forced to go to wooded areas.  New Delhi has reported the disappearance of nearly 171 children in the past several years, many due to men preying on young girls who must go outside at night to use the bathroom. Countless women have been sexually assaulted.  In addition, the unsanitary conditions result in parasites, infections, and communicable diseases.


We are constructing clean and safe in-home toilet facilities for those who need them most. This includes the septic tank, building, and toilet.


A fully equipped safe and sanitary bathroom in a family’s home costs approximately $950. Lives are impacted with safety and health by the generous gifts that provide these basics of modern life.