Brother Bennie is a follower of Jesus Christ and Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Ministries. He also serves as the President of Leadership Development at Alpha IMPACT Leadership Seminars. The IMPACT objective is to train 100,000 leaders to plant 100,000 churches where no church exists.

In 1994, he resigned his job in the medical field in New York City to become involved in the work of Alpha Ministries. He later received an invitation from Dr. Jerry Falwell to join Liberty Bible Institute. A series of life-changing experiences happened there under the leadership of Dr. Harold L. Willmington.

Bennie spends a majority of his time in South Asian countries and Africa, organizing and speaking in seminars and leadership training. He is called to motivate, mobilize, and support the national evangelists and pastors to reach the least-reached for Jesus Christ. Whether it is mentoring and serving in his local church or on the mission field, God has blessed and empowered him with the ability to encourage others and to nurture the belief in God’s endless possibilities.

His purpose statement: To make Christ known in places where they have never heard the Gospel, mobilizing natives to accomplish God’s global agenda among the least-reached.

Brother Bennie
Chief Executive Officer